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Welcome to your go-to hub for heartfelt stories, expert pet care advice, and inspiring community efforts. Here, we celebrate the joy pets bring into our lives and share actionable insights to enhance their well-being.  Join our compassionate community as we strive to keep tails wagging and spirits high. 

Pet Sitters Care: From Passion to Purpose

The journey from the founder of VIP Pet Care to the heart and soul behind Pet Sitters Care is as heartwarming as it is inspiring. From Austin to Dallas, the premium pet sitting and dog walking company has become synonymous with care and luxury for Texas pets. When a pandemic hit the world, the streets of Austin and Dallas that once bustled with dog walkers and pet sitters grew quiet. This pause became the cocoon for something extraordinary—a nonprofit with a vision to unite pet sitters and pet lovers across Texas and beyond by creating innovative fundraising opportunities to help keep pets out of shelters and where they belong - with their two-legged companions.

Alongside Dallas culinary wizard, Chef Gary Irvin, we spun this vision into a reality with the launch of Rescue Markets. Our recipe was simple: blend Gary's Cordon Bleu expertise with a generous dollop of compassion to create "Compassion Casseroles." These aren't just meals; they're a promise of hope and nourishment for the food-insecure and their pets—a promise that has now filled over 300 bellies a week and is rising to the challenge of feeding 500.

But our dedication to the community doesn't stop at delicious meals. We recognize that a pet's well-being begins with a full belly. That's why we took another step forward—the Pet Food Pantry. With the same passion and commitment, we're on a mission to ensure that no pet goes hungry by providing essential nutrition to those in need. It's a lifeline for families facing challenges in caring for their pets during difficult times. Pet Sitters Care is proud to be an approved partner of Chewy Gives Back. Chef Irvin takes to the streets every week, armed with Compassion Casseroles for people and pet food donations for their four-legged friends.

Pet Sitters Care is more than an animal welfare nonprofit. It is a community. Sharing our success is a guiding force. Our goal is unwavering: to keep animals out of shelters and ensure they and their human companions stay well-fed and loved.

Measuring success in the number of meals served and pets fed, the real impact of Pet Sitters Care is etched in the stories of wagging tails and grateful eyes of those we've reached. With Rescue Markets expanding to catering and event pop-ups at popular breweries like Peticolas Brewing Company Taproom, the future shines bright with aspirations to serve more, reach further, and create a community where no pet or person feels the pang of hunger.

The question isn't how can you help—but how can you not?

Join us, support us, and become a part of the story that begins with a pet sitter's love and extends throughout Texas. Stay informed of our events, donate what you can, and spread the word. After all, it's not just a meal—it's a message: when Pet Sitters Care, no companion is left behind.

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