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Welcome to your go-to hub for heartfelt stories, expert pet care advice, and inspiring community efforts. Here, we celebrate the joy pets bring into our lives and share actionable insights to enhance their well-being.  Join our compassionate community as we strive to keep tails wagging and spirits high. 

April Foodie Fundraisers in Dallas for Pet Lovers

Pet Sitters Care is excited to host delicious culinary pop-ups at popular local breweries and wineries in Dallas through our Rescue Markets initiative. With the success of our culinary initiative feeding hundreds in March, we continue our mission to blend gourmet experiences with compassionate action. This month, we invite you to join us at two exclusive events that promise not just a feast for the taste buds but also a heartwarming gathering for a cause.

Peticolas Brewing Company Taproom: Mark your calendars for April 20th! We're bringing our unique culinary flair to Peticolas Brewing Company Taproom for an afternoon that marries craft beer with gourmet compassion casseroles. It's an opportunity to savor the harmony between artisanal brews and Chef Gary Irvin's culinary creations, all while supporting homeless pets and people in Dallas. Visit our Eventbrite page to reserve your spot.

Celestial Beerworks: On April 22nd, the journey continues at Celestial Beerworks, where the universe of craft beer meets gourmet casserole cuisine under the stars. Join us for a night where each dish tells a story, and every sip supports our mission to care for pets in need. Visit our Eventbrite page to reserve your spot.

Making a Difference, One Meal at a Time

March was a monumental month for Rescue Markets and Pet Sitters Care, as we were able to provide meals to hundreds of individuals and pets, thanks to the support and participation of our community. This achievement fuels our passion and dedication to making a tangible impact through our culinary events.

Why Your Participation Matters

Each event not only offers a unique dining experience but also contributes directly to the welfare of pets and their families across our community. By joining us at Peticolas Brewing Company Taproom on 4/20 and Celestial Beerworks on 4/22, you become a part of a compassionate movement, ensuring no pet goes hungry and every family receives the support they need.

Be Part of Our April Culinary Journey

Reserve your spot today and be part of these unforgettable evenings of food, fellowship, and philanthropy. Your participation is a step towards a community where love for pets and passion for food unite to create a better world for all.

For more details on all of our upcoming events and to secure your tickets, visit our Eventbrite page. Together, let's make April a month of culinary celebration and compassionate action.

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